If I could go anywhere in the world it would be greece. But, I'd go to Hawaii every chance that I have!

I met my husband at ECU and we were friends for 5 months before we started dating. The first date was after I broke my nose catching at a game of intramural softball. He brought me Wendy's and  my medicine from the doctor...hahaha!

In high school I was on the track team and swim team.
In elementary school I learned how to ride a unicycle.
Cooking usually involves basics: meat, veggies, carbs
My favorite healthy smoothie: spinach, kale, apple, peanut butter, banana, ice, and water...sooo good!

Binge watching Netflix
shopping for clothes
starbucks iced peppermint mocha

i love...

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If I could eat lunch with anyone it would be Joanna Gaines. The concert I would go to 1,000 times over would be Ed Sheeran, I mean the man is basically a one man band!

Music is a passion of mine. I've never been very musically gifted but I am a huge music junkie...live music, musicals, radio, soundtracks, gospel are all of my favorites! I haven't seen a musical that I haven't LOVED but I do have a rule, that I don't listen to the music until I see the show! I like to be able to know the story and where the music fits in but afterwards I'm OBSESSED! 

The best thing about being a mom is hearing that little laugh and being able to make her smile! I would've never considered myself a kid person. In fact, I was never really good with kids. We waited almost 10 years into our marriage to have a child and it's been the best decision yet.

Tell me more about you and your wedding plans here!

I could watch Hallmark Christmas movies all winter long! 

Tell me about you and your wedding plans here!